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These are a few of the places I return to regularly.  They might be specific spots, reoccurring events, or just a general area I like to explore.  Many of my best shots have come from these locations -- places I return to for inspiration, and where appropriate, solitude and spiritual connection.  GPS coordinates have been included for easy identification, though most areas extend well beyond GPS designations.  I frequently add to and modify these entries.

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Highway 7 - Estes Park

Colorado:  Offers a great roadside overlook of Longs Peak. Located on Highway 7 approximately 8 miles south of downtown Estes Park.  Look for the marker.


Great Reno Balloon Race

Nevada:  Hosted in Rancho San Rafael Park on the second weekend of September, the balloon race offers close-up shoots and full vistas in the wee hours before dawn and throughout the morning.

JMS PhotoWorks-20120909-00010.jpg


California:  A lazy, quiet agricultural area on the high desert of California, with canals, barns, fields and old fences.  For some reason, it has great light -- a nice departure from the desert scrub just over the hill from Highway 395 and Reno just 45 minutes away.  Also, just a short jump to Frenchman's Lake.

JMS PhotoWorks-20150926-01947.jpg

Cadillac Ranch (Amarillo)

Texas: An interactive public art installation located west outside town.  Old caddies upended and stuck in the ground and spray-painted.  The cars change and morph daily, as visitors are encouraged to contribute their own design elements to the sculpture.


Little Wild Horse Canyon

Utah:  If you ever wanted to shoot inside a slot canyon, but also want to avoid the crowds at someplace like Antelope Canyon (in Arizona), try this little spot in central Utah, west of Goblin Valley State Park.  Eight miles of near-endless narrow walls.  Cool in the early morning, but hot by noon.  Avoid during a rainy forcast.


Carmel Open Market

Israel:  This is the real thing -- an authentic open air market in daily operation in the heart of Tel Aviv.  Most food stuffs from olives, meats and produce, to candies and pastries -- great for street images.  Cameras are okay, but I totally recommend iPhones when possible, as space is tight and phones allow for more candid experiences.


Historic Ships Wharf

Washington:  Located in the heart of Seattle along Union Lake Park, the wharf offers a variety of maritime subjects including historic sea vessels, dinghies, yachts, and a working Center for Wooden Boats being where vessels are being constructed and renovated.


47.62685° , -122.33715° 

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Colorado:  Situated 35 east and north of Alamosa, the Park offers endless vantage points alongside the entrance road or out on the dunes.  The best shots usually require a sandy hike up the dunes.


Five-Points Jazz Festival (Denver)

Colorado:  A local jazz festival with multiple stages, both inside and outside, with easy access throughout.  Situated in the Five-Points neighborhood, this festival moves along Welton Street offering subjects from jazz, to food, crowds, dancing, etc.  Look for it the third weekend in May.


Pawnee Grasslands

Colorado:  The flat vastness is a challenge to shoot well, and subject matter can be scarce.  Patience is a virtue here, but when it clicks it clicks well.  Located north of Highway 14 between Fort Collins and Sterling, you'll need a full tank of gas to cover the entire region.


Paint Mines Interpretive Park

Colorado:  Tucked away in the emerging plains east of Colorado Springs is a small, colorful, geological erosion area turned into an interactive park.  It's free, not gated or crowded, and a great place to shoot vistas, macros, and isolated smatterings of people for scale.


Rose Garden at Idlewild Park

Nevada:  Tucked away in a gated corner of Idlewild Park in Reno, is a not-so-tiny garden featuring more than 1700 flowers of 200 rose varietals.  Access is easy, it's rarely crowded, and during late June through early July, the full potential of fresh blooms is in season. Absolutely free, bring a macro lens and an empty data card.  Botanical gardens in any city generally offer great subjects.

JMS PhotoWorks-20150618-01008.jpg

The Palouse

Idaho:  This is an expansive farming district in Idaho's panhandle that extends north from Grangeville to Couer d'Alene and westward to Spokane.  The rolling winter wheat, barley and lentil fields provide a kaleidoscope of colors and textures across a weaved network of rural roads between countless small towns.  Best to go in late spring or summer.


46.7298° N, 117.1817° W

MacGregor Ranch - Estes Park

Colorado: Less than 2 miles of downtown on Devil's Gultch Road, the vista offers roadside access overlooking ranch buildings, grazing livestock, and rock formations along Lumpy Ridge.


Pyramid Lake

Nevada:  This is a spiritual place 30 miles north of Reno, both for the Paiutes and for photographers.  The lighting and conditions can change radically from hour to hour.  These days, access to the east and north may be restricted by the Tribe, but there are lots of perspectives along the western road.

JMS PhotoWorks-20150420-00314.jpg

RiNO Arts District (Denver)

Colorado:  If you're looking for street photography and funky art-scene material to shoot, RiNO is the place.  Covered with graffiti murals, this is a classic old warehouse district long taken over by creatives.  Lots of cool food, fun places, and interesting alleys.


Argyle Lake State Park

Illinois:  In a state that's one of the five flattest in the United States, Argyle provides a lush and hilly landscape with water, trees, and rocks away from heavy crowds.  Fall is especially gorgeous with the change in colors and tons on trails.


Toadstool Geological Site

Nebraska:  Everyone thinks Nebraska is flat -- it's not.  Nestled in the western panhandle is a small and obscure "rock park" with an isolated campsite.  Light restrictions, go anywhere.  The place is full of Hoodoos -- hard rock pedestals on top of eroding soft rock underneath.  The formations make for great abstract subject matter.  Go when it's cooler and the clouds provide drama.



California:  This is a well-preserved ghost town now managed by the California Park Service with houses, a church, and a mill, plus tons of discarded machine parts, cars, appliances, mining and farm equipment -- all of which is a feast for decay photographers.  Probably best to go in summer, as the elevation is over 8,000 feet, and winters are harsh.


38.2128° N, 119.0125° W

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