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A New World Before Us….


I began shooting in the grasslands out of necessity at first, but then later as an inspired source of wonder.  Living in the Colorado mountains generally affords plenty of subject matter for landscape photography, but between the harsh winter weather and the crowded summer trails, there are times in the early spring and late fall that lower elevations, in areas removed from the attention of most tourists, provide a desired solitary and temperate respite to explore.


Additionally, as the Covid epidemic began to affect access into Rocky Mountain National Park, in 2020 I found myself drifting out into the flatter plains areas east of the Rockies, particularly the Pawnee Grasslands in northeastern Colorado.  I found that I could be fully immersed with the grasslands within a couple of hours driving, shoot throughout the day, and still return home after dark.


This is a collection of images I began in the fall of 2019 to the present day — and each tells a story of a land long forgotten for both its subtle beauty and its practical application for many decades.  It is only now finding new uses for recreation and industrial purpose.

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