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A Visit to Israel....


In February 2020, I took it upon myself to visit Israel.  Though my sister has lived there for most of my adult life (over 45 years now), and she has been a frequent visitor of the United States since, I felt it was time to return the favor and travel eastward to what is clearly now her native land, meet her husband, several of my nieces and nephews, and get a sense of the flavor of her home.


Additionally, as a photographer interested in international travel, I could think of no better place to test the road, than in a country so misunderstood, so culturally diverse, and so atypical of the usual Americanized experience I had encountered traveling domestically in the United States, both as a photographer today, and as a child of my father’s nomadic tendencies when I was younger.


I approached Israel with no expectations, letting my sister arrange most of our agenda, which was clearly the right decision.  I would soon find that any predispositions I had about Israel were generally limited, and letting my sister serve as “fixer” for the next three weeks allowed her (also an avid photographer) to present her home in the most fascinating context possible, providing experiences I could not have prearranged on my own.

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