Okay, let's get started. Shelton PhotoWorks has been around since July, 2015, officially, though I've been taking photos most of my adult life. Last year marked the first time I pursued work professionally as a photographer, working mostly in real estate, shooting for agents and brokers to represent their properties for MLS listings. The work has been steady with good praise for the results, amid a growing client base. Unfortunately, the foundation of the business was based in Reno, NV, at the time. Now I have moved to Colorado for family reasons, and find I will need to once again build up a local base of support. The real estate market appears stronger here, including a more diverse assortment of communities and populations to work with all along the front range -- perhaps even into Denver. My first task will be to secure revenues lost with a change in market, while looking for ways I can begin to integrate my artistic presence into the region. I've already made token trips around Estes Park and into Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins and Denver in order to get a feel for these communities. In the posts to follow, I will document my efforts to engage professionally and artistically into a new area, documenting this photographer's journey into a new life.

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