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The elusive search for Long's Peak

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

I've been climbing this mountain since I was five (the one with the notch), probably half a dozen times now. It's also a popular photographic and painting subject, having been a staple for painters since before Bierstadt created his famous "Estes Park" now hanging in the Denver Museum of Art. Long's Peak presents a challenge much like other well-photographed subjects -- coming up with a unique perspective not seen before. Several of my attempts feel a bit too pedestrian, and I still feel that even this one is not quite there......but closer. Working in high, chilly winds, bad weather and approaching winter, I shot this in a high-contrast black & white at ISO 100, 1/125th of a second (for speed and clarity), f5.6. BTW, I've also been up Meeker, the one on the left.

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