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New Urbanism in Longmont

Prospect New Town is a relatively new urbanism project in Longmont, Colorado. The intent is to create a self- sustaining neighborhood within the broader community, less dependent on cars -- with work, home and amenities all located within walking distance. The concept is intended to revisit a small-town feel with (in this case) contemporary applications and design. The community is tightly knit, no street garages, minimal street access, little parks and public squares. Most service areas and cars are maintained in the alleys behind the houses. Also seems a bit absent of people. This is less organically formed, than designed by developers trying to manipulate an environment -- not sure it's working, but interesting nonetheless. The idea appeals to me based on the real estate and architectural work I have been doing for the past year and a half, as well as 30 years working in community arts development -- watching how residents engage in a designed environment and a sort of choreographed society.

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