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Fun job, photography.

Well yeah, it is a fun job most of the time, mostly because I get to do what I love to do and it's a great creative outlet that offers endless variety, experience and satisfaction. But like any other job, there's the monotonous routine of running any business. Besides photo shoots and editing, there's managing the cash, dates, appointments, office supplies, marketing efforts, proposal writing, etc. That can be fun too, but it doesn't quite measure up to being out there taking shots, and then realizing in the process and through editing, that you've "got something" good. It's that wonderful feeling of accomplishment that your efforts are paying off -- at least starting to. Pursuing an artistic career is a bit destabilizing and a bit selfish when you devote real time to it. I don't really know yet if I have a career, and I have to compensate and balance my photo efforts with "regular work" necessary to pay the bills -- at least for now. Likewise, the photo work itself is compromised by commercial gigs, such as real estate photography. Though very much preferred to other types of work, the commercial output competes for time with artistic pursuits. Then there are the plateaus -- sorting through the equipment needs, skills development, new formats and finding real personal advancement artistically. Essentially, there are two clear realities: 1) I am getting better, and as long as I apply myself deliberately, that process will continue. However, the process is often about producing even better work than the very last good shot I took -- raising the bar and chasing perfection towards infinity. When do you reach the point of diminishing returns? 2) No matter how good I get, there's always better photographers out there -- frustrating, even depressing, to be sure, but always a reminder there is much to learn from them, and that excellence is a journey, not a destination. Pardon me, I have a plateau to cross.

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